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Nahiaz Project

Proyecto Nahiaz

Nahiaz is a cultural project created to help and support pilgrims on their emotional journey on their Way to Santiago.

Nahiaz is culturally and socially committed, getting involved in local activities that add value to this corner of the Way.

We believe the pilgrims deserves more, with better quality products and services. This is the essence of the project. Pilgrims know that walking is not only something physical, it is much more, we want to help pilgrims on their personal development so that they can live the full experience the Camino offers.

We would like to translate the emotions experienced into something touchable. All those shared moments and feelings cannot be represented just with anything, it has to be something especial, we would like to offer you our handmade (by local craftsmen) creative Camino products. They carry a bit of camino soul, love and emotion. And with the value of tradition, culture and Camino history.

Guided tours around the camino´s hidden corners are a window to culture, local gastronomy and their people, who are dedicated to making more pleasant the passage through these places to pilgrims on their way to Santiago.

Our aim is to accompany the pilgrims with a rich and unique experience during and after the pilgrimage.

Nahiaz means WISH and the DESIRE that is needed to face the Way and squeeze out all the goodness that it has to offer.

Nahiaz is special because it comes from within. We have lived the experience of the Way and are well aware of what implies and we are impregnated with it. We transmit this into your products and services in order to enrich the customers experience beyond the business relationship.



Who we are

We are pilgrims who walked our first Camino´s to Santiago at the end of summer 2013. As it happens to anyone who has done it, we fell in love with it. Walking the Way meant a life plan change and as a consequence our lives changed course.

We saw the pilgrim needs during the course of the over 30 days of the Way from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela and we understood that there was much work to do to improve those needs. We realized that we could be the support many pilgrims need before, during and after the Way. It is important to get the maximum from the experience as well as keeping the memory alive once completed.

The camaraderie on the Way is unique and special. Emotions run very high, with open arms for a hug, we offer the best we each have to one another. We can feel how our soul changes and makes us think about what is superfluous and what is really important in life.

The Way of Saint James gives the opportunity to weigh your past and get ready for your new balanced future, which begins in Santiago.


After walking the Camino, we are pilgrims for life

Laida y Sito